What should I do to rank my new blog?

Before you read anything given in this answer, I should warn you that ranking a new blog takes time and you MUST have patience.

I will keep this simple. Instead of sharing a link to an article (like the other answers you got) or laying out 100 ways, I’m gonna share only the important tips that will help you.

Here are the most important steps:

  1. Optimize Site Speed
  2. Do On-Page Optimization
  3. Build Quality Links
  4. Avoid These SEO Mistakes

Let’s begin.

1. Optimize Site Speed

Optimizing your site speed can bring a huge change in your rankings. Site speed is often overlooked because many people just keep focusingContinue Reading4211 comment from Ste OrenPromoted by Adam FayedWhat apps do investors invest in?Adam Fayed, Founder of Global Online Financial Advisory FirmUpdated December 15, 2020People over-analyze this question sometimes. What’s the best gym in the world or in your area? I imagine what is more important is your own diet, techniques, how often you go and so on. Whether to use a personal trainer or not as well, if you are lacking in self-control. The same for marketsContinue reading in feedKristie Weltmermsh, former Productivity Writer at Freelancing Tips and HacksAnswered May 25, 2017

How We Rescued Our Top Post from Near-Death on the 2nd Page of Google

Getting high ranking in different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing is one of your ultimate goals for your published contents.

This way you, you are building your internet presence and increases your web visibility by getting more visitors to your website and getting more organic traffic.

But in order to achieve this, you must do something about the way you create your contents.

You can follow these top tips to keep your content’s ranking high:

  • be the good little writer you are and research about the right keywords t

Continue ReadingAdd a comment…Zubair Ahmed, Blogger , SEO expert , Marketing Guru , Watson TrainerAnswered October 1, 2020Originally Answered: How do I rank our website or blog?

It’s . First complete all website parameters . Like about us page . Contact page . Service or product you selling with full and unique information .

Then you use blog page . To write about your product and your audience would really appreciate.

Don’t waste time on searching new idea .

Basic is write articles only on your product category .

You will quality audience .

And Backlinks with correct anchor text . Internal and external . Use Google map . Use rating sites .

Make your website responsive . Mobile site have more value then only desktop site .

Have good resolution image with meta tags .

Have correct information in your meta keywords .

Use your own content if want to good ranking . There is no required limit for original content .

Just use .

Headline . Backlinks and Keyword formula.

Unique headline with keyword .

Backlinks with correct anchor text .good density of keyword without any grammatical mistakes .

Use same in social media as well .

Share freebies . Gain more visitors .

That’s all

If search whole google you will nothing new .then above written content .

Manoj Bhattarai

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