Affiliate marketing and its scope in Nepal

Affiliate marketing and its scope in Nepal

What is affiliate marketing ?(what should you know before) Easy in 2021.

You may recently heard a name affiliate anywhere and come to google for searching let me explain before you dive into affiliate marketing for earning money.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing in a sweet term can be defined as a process of selling others products as an affiliate using strategy of advertising and digital marketing and process of earning commissions every time you promote a company’s product or services and drive a sale from their provided links. There are lots of site to get paid from affiliate marketing like Amazon, Daraz Nepal, Flipkart, Alibaba etc.

 It has broad scope and there are more definition according to experts. We need to learn and invest the power of sales in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate is an advance stage of selling goods and services online using advertisement from your social networks, blogs or websites, youtube channel etc. In affiliate marketing an affiliate promotes another person’s product or company through their own marketing channel and strategy.

let me explain with some examples before you dive in affiliate marketing for earning money.

What is affiliate marketing ?(what should you know before) Easy in 2021.

Before starting in details let me introduce yourself with these common question.

you may have these question let me explain in short.

1) What does an affiliate marketer do?

In short answer an affiliate simply search for the product with their owner’s permission and promotes them to earn fixed percentage of money.

2) What is an examples of affiliate marketing?

You may have seen in any blog or website and other social channel in which people comes for their own purpose have a link or ads which is related to any product or services provided by any company this can be the better example of an affiliate marketing. If you are seeing a banner of a product in sidebar of this page, then You don’t need to see anymore examples of affiliate marketing.

3)what is Affiliate marketing in simple words?

Process of earning commissions every time you promote a company’s product or services and drive a sale from their provided links.

4) How do i get into affiliate marketing?

some points in response of How to get started with affiliate marketing

  •  Decide your platform.
  • Choose your niche to get audience
  •  join affiliate programs.
  • Create attractive content.
  • Drive traffic to your affiliate platform.
  • Get clicks in product links and convert them into sale

Learn advance tutorials


He is a business and he is a consumer like needs to make more money the business has to sell more products to consumers and the business is on the mike to get help sell more products Brings in as an associate The company will pay mike a commission for every wholesale sale he makes, Mike is the intermediary between the company and the consumers. 

Mike is working independently as a partner so there is no boss he’s basically his own boss or maybe he’s a boss because he doesn’t have a boss so what’s the job from mike as an affiliate it’s easy to find the consumers and here is the key what’s in the company’s product If interested Mike will tell them about the product he asks if they bought the product he will say the benefits of having this product then he asks if they bought the product the consequences of not using them After that he asked the product if he bought the product then he shows the results to others people who have benefited from the product then ask if they bought the product, Yes the consumer has made the purchase they are satisfied with the business they have a new customer Mike made an affiliate commission.

how to earn money from affiliate marketing

In this all inclusive tutorial, we’re going to show you step by step how to get started with affiliate marketing, a few different traffic routes, we’re going to talk about paid traffic vs free traffic, but we really don’t care about affiliate marketing. 

Going to dig deep into Marketing to show you everything you need to know when it comes to making money as an affiliate, now there’s only one thing I hate and deny it, but look I don’t sell any products Well, I’m not trying to get you to buy my affiliate marketing course that I sell for $1000. I don’t do anything like this because the truth is, I don’t sell any online courses, it’s completely free information, you can learn all this for free on the internet with YouTube tutorials and many other different resources. 

New on the blog Be sure to subscribe to Us and share this post for more tactics like this here, we’re trying our best to release as many marketing videos as possible, but it’s a great fun opportunity and I’m so excited you’ll be on this video Arrive. Recommend you take out a pen, take out a piece of paper and go ahead with it, so first let’s talk about affiliate marketing what it really is, some strategies and some of my best tips to get high how to get conversion rates and basically how to make more money with this process because over the years my brother mike and i have been making the move to business affiliate marketers to generate thousands of dollars per month and we will show you that How do we do it.

 Guess we can do the same in this post, but what I love about affiliate marketing and why I think it is the best opportunity to start as a business, as it is a complete tool to start. Kind of free, you don’t need money to buy products and then to sell products i saw a lot of people who want to start business or start earning money and they think they need to earn Now, frankly, earning money is easy when you already have it, but with affiliate marketing you don’t really need to do anything anymore, as you can see in this video. It’s probably best to start at $100 or $200 to speed up that movement a bit, but if you want, you can literally start at $0, there’s really no limit to that, so it’s about that. One of the best things about the U.S. is that there are no barriers to entry when it comes to making money as an affiliate, so it’s a good start. as is incredibly lean-up and so on that there is almost nothing to lose, almost no risk a there is probably some small level of risk associated with it like now time, for example by putting your time, But I can promise you that if you follow these steps in this post, you will find that it is almost impossible to fail and not make money with some of these things that we can do, so The first thing I want to do is we need to clear the air a little bit in the NG affiliate market and see a little bit how it pans out. 


How can I start affiliate marketing in Nepal?

Friends, today in this article I will discuss about affiliate marketing, and here are 30 points I am going to share for your business that will bring you a lot of benefits in your business. Affiliate marketing business that you can earn from 100,000 to 150,000 per month from 0 investments.

Because the time to come in the world in 2028 and 2029 affiliate market will bring a new revolution. But due to the Covid-19 Corona Virus, this time has shifted a lot, which means that by 2022/23, it will bring a big change. Because people don’t want to leave home so much now and in the future. They leave the house in small quantities, but they do not go out of their way to buy what they need.

Because there is no shortage of online products in the market. The largest ecommerce store is now Amazon and there are many other online stores where online products are plentiful.

Now they can grab this opportunity who wants to do something new on Digital World, if you are reading this article means you also want to bring changes in your business. And for all that, affiliate marketing is a great digital method.

What is affiliate Marketing?

In simple words, A property dealer who sells someone else’s property to a customer at 2% to 5% commission, meaning that the person did not own the property but delivered his service between the buyer and the seller. The method is called affiliate marketing.

For example Now we all know that there are many products on Amazon Platform, there are many other products categorise like Fashion, electronic , books which work in affiliate model. And the comission price of the Affiliate Program is also different. You can get the comission rate from 1% to 10% here.

Things to consider before starting affiliate marketing?
1. Find Your Niche
2. Create your website
3. Create youtube channel
4. Create Facebook page or Group

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