Google Adsense is definitely the best CPC advertising network. However, not everyone gets approved by them, and Google’s strict policies to ensure fair ad campaigns may lead to getting your account banned for even a tiny mistake.

If Google Adsense isn’t your option or you might not want to solely depend on it for revenue, then there are many alternative ad networks as well. Below I have listed 3 best alternatives to Google Adsense that are definitely worth a try.

  1. Media.Net
    Media.Net is one of the biggest contextual ad networks, and it is powered by the Yahoo! Bing Network. When you’ll step down from Google Adsense, this is probably the next big thing you can find in the ad network world. With a humongous advertising pool, Media.Net offers targeted ads with even better ad customization options than Google Adsense.

Similar to Google Adsense, Media.Net also has higher standards and strict rules for approval. However, it only accepts websites with premium content and doesn’t care about monthly visitors to a website. If your website got rejected by Google Adsense for having a low visitor base, then you can give Media.Net a try. On top of that, the approval process usually takes 2 days max.

The ad units are fully customizable and you can easily adjust the size, color, and design of the ad using Media.Net’s own editing platform. The ads also fully support mobile and tablet devices. Below is an example of a display ad.

They also support text ads and they come in different variants. From simple banner text ads to recommendation ads, everything is covered. Below is an example of a recommendation ad.


Doesn’t depend on the minimum traffic of the website for approval.
Faster approval process.
Humongous network.

Only servers ads to premium content with visitors preferred from the USA, Canada, and Australia.
Higher payment threshold with limited payment methods support.
Payout info

$100 payout threshold.
Net 30 days payout time.
Supports PayPal and Wire Transfer for withdrawal.
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  1. Adbuff (No Longer Available)
    Many publishers are using Adbuff side-by-side with Google Adsense for some extra income, and it also has the potential to even replace Adsense. It’s a contextual CPC and CPM-based ad network that boasts itself as a “Top Adsense Alternative”. Adbuff only keeps 10% of the network/publisher share and you get to keep 90%.

As long as you are not doing anything illegal and have some useful web content, you should get approved by them. Adbuff also confirms a 100% fill rate to ensure you get the most out of your website traffic.


You get to keep 90% of the revenue.
Works alongside Google Adsense
100% fill rate.
Real-time updated dashboard.
All the ads are G-rated.

Higher payout threshold.
Only accepts English sites with primary traffic from the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK.
Payout info

Net 45 days payment cycle.
$100 minimum payout threshold.
Supports PayPal, Payoneer, and Wire Transfer as payout methods.

  1. Infolinks
    Infolinks is a rather different ad network as compared to Google Adsense. It can be used alongside Google Adsense, but it won’t be wise to use it solely. Infolinks focuses on showing ads without using the ad real estate of the website and usually serve ads when the user interacts with the content. The main focus of Infolinks is to take advantage of unused ad space and counter banner blindness usually associated with the standard banner ads.

Infolinks offers multiple ad units, but some of its popular ad units include, InScreen, InText, InTag, and InFrame. The screen shows an ad when a user switches a page, InText hyperlinks a keyword in the content with an ad, InTag shows a cloud of keywords with ads, and InFrame shows ads in extra space left due to the larger screen of a particular user. You can see how an Inframe ad looks like in the below example.

Depending on your preference, the ads could be text, banner, audio, or even video. You also have full control over how many ads per page should be shown to the user. Additionally, being the 6 biggest ad network, Infolinks is trustable for a constant income stream.


Offers engagement-based ads that have a higher chance of being clicked.
Ads don’t take any ad real estate.
Can be used side-by-side with any ad network.

Views and clicks depend on user engagement so they might not occur at all if a user doesn’t interact.
Can’t be used solely due to limited ad display opportunities.
Payout info

Net 45 days payment cycle.
Minimum $50 payout threshold.
Infolinks supports PayPal, ACH, eCheck, Bank Transfer, and Payoneer for payouts.
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A few more choices
I found the above 3 as the best alternatives to Google Adsense. However, if they don’t work out for you for some reason, then there are other choices as well. Check out these 4 more Google Adsense alternatives…

  1. BuySellAds
    This is actually a marketplace for publishers and advertisers. BuySellAds will connect you with advertisers who will directly publish their advertisement on your website and BuySellAds will keep 25% of the transaction. You just provide the content you want to monetize and the company will put that in front of advertisement brands.

  1. AdRecover
    The ads shown by AdRecover can’t be blocked by popular ad blockers. When an ad blocker is detected, AdRecover will show its ads in place of the blocked ads. It will not show ads to regular users who are not using an ad blocker. Therefore, allow you to generate revenue from adblock users as well.

  1. VigLink
    If your website revolves around reviewing products and services, then you should give VigLink a try. It’s actually an affiliate marketing program that automatically replaces names and keywords in your content with links to affiliate products. If users buy from those links, then you’ll get the commission.

  1. MadAdsMedia
    MadAdsMedia focuses on serving banner and video ads and ensuring you get the highest CPM. It has access to over a hundred advertising companies that bid for keywords on your website. Interestingly, the website allows you to set a minimum CPM rate and all the ads on your website will always be above that rate.

Final words
If you are unable to use Google Adsense for some reason, then Media.Net, MadAdsMedia, and Adbuff are great options. Although, others are also reliable options when you want to generate more income by serving other types of ads side-by-side with Google Adsense.

I’ll also advise you to test a new ad network for at least 15-20 days before making any decision. Because it usually takes some time for an ad network to understand your website content and offer optimized ads.

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