Best blogging topics to earn more

Best blogging topics to earn more

I define “best blogging topics” as profitable topics. This is actually pretty straightforward. Here is the process that I follow when I’m trying to figure out which topics to blog on.

Step #1: I ask myself if I’m personally interested in the topic

If the topic that I’m thinking of blogging on is not something I would talk about for free or something that I can’t shut up about, I drop it. it’s that simple.

Step #2: The topic must have existing demand

By simply going to Google AdWords keyword planner tool, you can easily find keywords related to your topic. Pay close attention to how much people are paying for clicks on those keywords. If you notice that there is a high amount of money being paid and there’s also a decent monthly search volume average, stick with that topic.

However, if there is almost no monthly search volume or too much search volume, drop that topic.

Step #3: Manageable competition

I’ve got some bad news for you. There’s no such thing as a blogging topic that has absolutely no competition. I know there are lots of self proclaimed gurus trying to scam people into thinking that there are no competition or very low competition niches out there.

Stop wasting your time trying to find that unicorn. Focus instead on a manageable levels of competition. While it’s always a bad idea to run into a firing squad, please understand that there’s no such thing as a cakewalk niche.

You have to struggle. You have to fight for your blogging income. The good news is that even in the most competitive niches, there are certain low competitive ares. So focus on finding topics that have decent demand and manageable levels of competition.

How do you do this? Look at the results you’re getting for keyword searches for those topics. Do you see a pattern? Does it seem that each and every result produces a very long piece of content with all sorts of videos and pictures? Does it seem like each and every result that you get is some sort of online content masterpiece?

If this is the impression you get, pick another topic. You are picking something that is just too competitive. If you notice that the results you get are usually forum posts or Quora answers, then you’re in a good place. I hope you can see the difference.

Tip #4: Use answer the public

Using your topic keywords, plug them into that free visual keyword research & content ideas tool. You should start seeing a lot of questions. Plug these questions into Google’s search and see what the competition is like. You should be able to see a pattern.

Hang on to the questions that produce weak results. As long as they actually come from Google auto complete, you are good to go.

At the end of this process, you would be able to find good blogging topics that have manageable levels of competition and are easy to own. That’s the name of the game. You don’t want to fight a battle that you know you will lose.

Fight battles that you have a high chance of winning. The tips that I’ve mentioned above will enable you to do exactly that. These are hard learned lessons. I failed quite a bit until I discovered these lessons.

Pay close attention to these tips and they will take care of you.

Manoj Bhattarai

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