Does .Com.Np Domain Can be Monetize for Google AdSense?

Does .Com.Np Domain Can be Monetize for Google AdSense?

Lots of people Confusion does Np domain can be Monetize for Google AdSense.I will say yes Np domain can be Monetize but it has rules. I have  seen lots of  Np domain website which has Monetize in Nepal. Lots and lots people are worried about does there website will Monetize my friends, don’t worried it will Monetize but Some Rules which should you follow –

Some ways to monetize Np For Google AdSense???
1.You should have  minimum 20 post in your .np website(blogger or wordpress).
2. Your Website should 2 months old.
3. Privacy policy, About , Contact us must be in your Website.
4. Navigation Bar Should be in your Website.
(For More Ways Visit this:

How To Get Free Domain in Nepal ???
You can get free domain in Nepal but your domain name contain .np  like . You can getfreedomainfrom your citizenship documents. It is free and you can monetize your website with Google AdSense. For More Visit –

What should do if didn’t Get Monetize for Google AdSense???
If your website didn’t monetize you have done mistake.Complete all requirements and apply for adSense in 1 months  after 1 months try again and again. Spending time in blogger yourproblem maybe solved . If not approved AdSense Contact AdSense and Ask what the reason they didn’t give approve. After, that solve it and earn some money.

In last, your website  will Monetize don’t be worried but it take few months. How much old is your website it will better for you to get traffic, ranking etc. Don’t be hopeless it  takes time.

I Will Teach you how to get free domain in Nepal by
Let’s learnFirstly, search on Google then open it. First create account and sign in properly 
Search your domain name you will allow your citizen ship name for domain name  only like my citizenship name is Saurav dahal then if it is already use then 
Then you see Primary name server  – ns1.he.netSecondary name  server-

              Put inside this server
Then fill all data about your then click to continue After that you need two thing one citizenship front and back attached and next cover letter please upload your document then cover letter copy or download this and 

Please change name and domain then proceed in down below 

Click on new request / under approval  your domain is under approval after 24. Then click active domain if your domain on active domain there there will show if not approved try again fulfill all which I tell you Thank you Reading our blog keep supporting  

Manoj Bhattarai

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