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The first step toward having a Web site is to register OR (buy) a URL, also known as a domain.

Many Web hosting services will register your domain name, but if you want to be sure that it is registered properly and well managed, you should probably do it yourself from domain name providers.

Buy your domain name from a best service, such as:

If you are willing to get free domain in nepal go to

Let’s start with for the following instructions for a domain. If you use another domain service, your experience will probably be little different.

Please note that some cheapest domain names are available. Some of the currently cheapest domains end in “.xyz”, “.site”, “.website”, “.club”, “.biz”, or “.us” and is free in Nepal.

  1. Open browser and go to
  2. Search for a domain name that you would like for your website. Here are some sitename suggestions for you to search for, combined with one or more of the domain endings given above:
    • Your name, or some form of your name (with “-“, for instance)
    • A pretend or real business name
    • Anything else that you would like a URL for, as a class siteI tested a few combinations with the domain endings given above, and found URLs for about $0.99 or $1.99 for the first year.
  3. When you find a domain name that you like which is available, add the domain to your cart.
  4. Click the “Continue to Cart” button.
  5. You probably DO NOT need to accept the “Privacy Protection”, although you have the option of doing so. Check the “No Thanks” radio button if you don’t want the Privacy Protection.
  6. Leave the email selection as “No Thanks”.
  7. Click the “Continue with these options” button.
  8. Fill in your contact information.
  9. Click the “Submit” button.
  10. In the “Domain Registration” section, select “1 Year” in the list. Of course you could select multiple years, if this new domain is one that you think you might keep for awhile.
  11. Enter your payment information. You may “Add” a payment method, including PayPal, by clicking the “Add” link.
  12. Complete your purchase.
  13. UNCHECK the “Includes a GoCentral website FREE for a month” checkbox.
  14. Leave the browser open, and stay logged in. But now proceed to the next section about getting a hosting account.


Web Hosting

As I mentioned earlier in this POST, a Web site needs to be located on a Web server, sometimes called a “host” or a “hosting service” or “Internet Service Provider” (ISP).

So after you get your domain/URL (see the previous section) you will need to either

  1. Build, run, and maintain your own Web server
  2. Rent space on a Web server. There are even some good free Web hosting servers available. RECOMMENDED.

Try to find a Web hosting service that others have had good success with. Here are some possibilities:

  • is the best free hosting service that I have seen. They also have some paid hosting plans, but even their free plan is excellent. IT GIVES 250 MB WEB SPACE, IT IS ENOUGH FOR BLOGGING. Several former students have hosted actual, small sites at freehostia.
  • They have reasonably-priced plans and great customer service.
  • They also have reasonably-priced plans and great customer service.
  • is a great hosting service especially if you need some beefed-up services such as a Virtual Private Server (VPS) host. They also provide a lot of assistance if you need help setting up your VPS site.
  • has been recommended to me by students as a great hosting service. They have reasonably-priced plans.

Let’s use for the following instructions for getting an ISP. If you use another hosting service, your experience will probably be slightly different.

  1. Open A browser window and go to
  2. NOTE: If, somewhere along the way during this process of creating a hosting account, you see a checkbox that says “Do not manage DNS”DO NOT CHECK THIS CHECKBOX!!! Freehostia must be allowed to internally manage its own domain records for your site.
  3. Click the “SIGN UP NOW FOR FREE” link in the upper right menu.
  4. The next page should show “Chocolate” in the “(Cloud Hosting Plan)” list.
  5. Leave the “Datacenter” as it is. It will probably show somewhere fairly close by, in the United States.
  6. Also leave the “Script:” selection alone. It should show “None”.
  7. In the “Hosted Domain:” input field, type in or paste the domain URL that you just purchased at GoDaddy.
  8. Since you got your domain/URL elsewhere, DO NOT use the “Find your domain name” section.
  9. Click the “Continue” button.
  10. Fill in your contact information.
  11. Click the checkbox that indicates that you agree with Freehostia’s Terms and Conditions, etc.
  12. Click the “I’m not a robot” checkbox.
  13. Click the “Continue” button.
  14. In the “THANK YOU” page that should open, type in a STRONG control panel password, which is also your account login password. (Or you can click the “Generate password” button.) WRITE DOWN YOUR PASSWORD IN A SECURE PLACE!
  15. Click the “SET PASSWORD” button.
  16. Dismiss the “Hosting Platform Upgrade Successful” window.
  17. You should see the Control Panel.
  18. Look at the top right of the Control Panel window, and find your Customer ID. Your username follows the Customer ID. WRITE DOWN YOUR CUSTOMER ID AND USERNAME! Your username is what you will need to log in to your Freehostia account again later.
  19. Scroll down to the “System info” section. Find the “DNS Servers” section. Write down BOTH of the server URLs that you see there, or leave this window open.
  20. You will need to verify your email address with Freehostia. Look in your email’s inbox for the verification email that they should send to you soon, and follow their instructions.

After you have created a hosting account (with or whatever other hosting service you decided on), go back to the browser that has your GoDaddy (or other domain registry) setup open.

  1. Click the “Domains” menu item, or click “Manage All” if you are in the “My Products” page.
  2. In the “Domains” list, click on the domain name that you purchased.
  3. Scroll down to the “Manage DNS” link, and click it.
  4. In the “Nameservers” section, click the “Change” button.

    IMPORTANT: If you do not see a “Change” button in the “Nameservers” section, you probably have not yet successfully verified your e-mail address with GoDaddy. Check your email and complete that part of the process.
  5. Select “Custom” from the nameserver type.
  6. Copy and paste the two “DNS Servers” URLs from the FreeHostia “System info” section, into the two “Nameserver” fields at GoDaddy.
  7. Click the “Save” button.

It may take awhile for the domain that you purchased, to open the site that you have created at Freehostia. Try putting your domain’s URL into your browser occasionally over the next few hours, until you see something like this in your browser:

Index of /

But it appears that Freehostia has changed their new site setup a bit, so you might NOT see in the browser, “Index of /”.

You might, instead, see a page which gives some Freehostia advertising and such.

Either way, if you see “Index of /” or if you see a Freehostia advertising page when you put your URL into the browser, your setup has succeeded. Send an email to me, giving me the URL.

If you want to get rid of the advertising page, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Freehostia account.
  2. Navigate to the File Manager. You can get there by clicking “Files”, “File Manager” at the top; or you can click on “Hosted Domains” at the left, double-click your domain name, and click the orange “File Folder” icon.
  3. If you see a file called index.xhtml, DELETE it. Please note that this is an xhtml file, NOT an html file. It is temporary and safe to delete.

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