How to imcrease my website loading speed?

How to imcrease my website loading speed?

When it comes to your site’s performance, page speed is the most important aspect of the website.

Page loading speed is important for many reasons. We all know that time is money and we certainly don’t want to waste any of it. Google research has shown that when page loading times increase from one to three seconds, the probability of a bounce (the visitor leaving right away) increases by 32 percent.

That can be up to thirty-two additional seconds added onto your bounce rate depending on how fast or slow your pages load!

Here are 10 Quick Ways to Improve your website page speed –

• Use a performance-optimized hosting solution.

• Compress and optimize your images.

• Reduce your redirects. Cache web pages.

• Enable browser caching.

• Use asynchronous and defer loading for your CSS and JavaScript files. Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

• Use a Content Delivery Network

• Reduce the number of plugins

• Reduce the number of HTTP requests if possible

• Avoid URL redirects

• Prioritize above-the-fold content (lazy loading)

Website’s loading speed is extremely essential to user experience as it can always help you to engage more visitors and also have a positive impact on your brand.

According to a study, the maximum number of visitors have a positive experience if a site loads in two seconds or less than that. Sites that take more than 3 seconds to load have poor conversion rates and they lose many valuable visitors.

So, it’s highly important to know about how you can improve your websites’ loading speed and gain more engagement on your website.

  1. Media file optimization

Optimizing all the images and the videos you are using on your website is the most important thing and plays an important role in improving your website’s loading speed. There are two different things you need to be careful about media files optimization, that are

• The size of each media file on the website

• And the total number of media files that are being loaded on any particular page

Design your image according to the right size so that it fits and looks properly and doesn’t increase the loading time. JPG format is the most preferred as it is a compressed image format that can save lots of space. One must use compression tools for high definition videos as video optimization is one of the most important things to be done for improving the loading speed.

Include images and videos carefully as they are one of the main reasons why your visitors may experience high loading time. It is advisable not to use images or videos that are not necessary to the content you are publishing on your website.

  1. Utilize helpfully page speed plugins

There could be many reasons why your website is taking longer to load and some useful modules or plugins can definitely help you solve this problem more effectively. W3 Total Cache is a very common and popular page caching plugin that is used by many WordPress users. Cached webpages are essentially required as it helps you to prevent wasting space and your website will load much quicker.

  1. Choose high performing web hosting package

The best quality web hosting package can be helpful for your website in many ways as they use dedicated resources, the fastest technology stacks etc. These features can be significantly helpful for improving the website loading time. If your website generates high traffic then it’s important for you to upgrade your web hosting package immediately.

As we have discussed, there are so many other factors that play a significant role in improving loading time that needs to be taken care of properly for a better user experience. For more information and professional help, get in touch with us for a Free consultation so that we can help you grow your business more effectively.

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