How to start blogging and earn money? A COMPLETE GUIDE.

How to start blogging and earn money? A COMPLETE GUIDE.

Blogging is the easiest way you can make online presence share your knowledge and thoughts and earn side income. If you good knowledge on something that you can present through writing and graphics, you will be able to generate some income.

Having one or many skills is possible, but to show it via blogging, you must have some basic knowledge on where and how to publish it. Therefore, I am here with a guide on how to start blogging in Nepal and generate some income.

Blogging Opportunities in Nepal

Before starting a blog in Nepal, first you have to research the market and opportunities for blogging. In Nepal, Blogging is at its early phase. You can not find much full time Bloggers .

This is probably because lack availability of internet, domain and hosting. But, as of now these problems are slowly leaving us. And concept of Blogging is rising in Nepal. You might be the one who can actually succeed in the market.

While I am talking about success, I also want to let you know that, if you are getting audience, you can convert them into earning with different monetization tools.

So, let’s start !

1. Decide your topic

Selecting a niche is a primary task before starting a blog. Having a blog is not difficult but maintaining continuity on the same topic is very critical. Therefore, the niche of the blog should be more of your interest or passion, which could be anything.

2. Decide the Platform (Blogger vs WordPress)

To write your blogs and publish, a platform is necessary. It is also called the content management system. For Blogging in Nepal, there are two major platforms. One is Blogger, which you probably have tried with the BlogSpot subdomain. And another is WordPress.

For basic blogging, you can choose Blogger. But, for advance and competitive blogging with rich features, I recommend you to use WordPress.

So, what are you planning? If you are planning to start blogging on Blogger with subdomain or with on, then you can skip the next two points. But, this is not serious blogging.

3. Register a Domain

Domain is the unique address of your blogging site. If you are planning to start blogging in Nepal then, getting a domain should be the most important part.

While registering a domain take care of the following points

  • try to register a domain that shows some kind of connection with your blog.
  • give priority to .com extension
  • short name within 5-10 characters.

Where and How to buy a domain in Nepal?

Time has changed the difficulties of getting a domain. Now, you can buy the domain from any popular registrars like Namecheap, GoDaddy,,, HostingerBhlueHost etc. using Nepali Dollar Card to pay. It will cost you 8-12$ per year to get a .com domain.

You can also search and buy your domain name from the following widget.

You can also buy the domain from Nepali registrar’s with local payment options. Surprisingly, you will be able to register a dot com domain in Nepal at around NPR 900 to 1300. This is an internationally competitive price.

For buying domain in Nepal, you can sign-up with the following hosting companies.

Get A Free .np Domain Instead

Instead of paying for the domain on annual basis, you can also register a .np domain in Nepal for free. Check out this to register a .np domain for free. If you get one, you can now start blogging in Nepal with a .np domain. This domain is best to target Nepali market.

Buying hosting is optional but is also recommended. If you are planning to start blogging in Nepal with blogger, you will not have to pay for hosting. You can simply make a blog on Blogger and connect your domain with it.

You can connect custom domain as well as domain with blogger.

But, for competitive and serious blogging, I always recommend you to get a hosting from trusted provider. And the quality of the host should be best in terms of features, resources and speed.

I recommend to get hosting from BluehostHostinger or NameCheap if you have payment option. If you can not make foreign payment, you can also buy hosting from Nepali sellers. There is no more barrier to get hosting if you are seriously willing to start blogging in Nepal

You can easily buy hosting service in Nepal from Nepali sellers. There are numbers of hosting providers in Nepal with affordable price and yet the best at performance.

Here is the list of best hosting service providers with better performance, quick support and affordable price range.

You can also try FREEHOSTIA for initial setup and practice. But, it is not fast enough, fully secure, and reliable.

5. Install WordPress CMS

After you get your domain and hosting, you are almost ready to launch the site online with your domain name. To do this, you will need to install WordPress. You might be confused with the word install WordPress.

WordPress is a CMS available for free not the platform you might have tried with subdomain site like You can download WordPress from and install on your domain through hosting server.

To install WordPress, your hosting may be providing automatic WordPress installer within your account. You can install WordPress from cPanel with auto installer. If your site is not providing this feature, you can also install WordPress manually. I have already prepared the detailed guides on both installation methods.

But, if your intention is not investing money in hosting at first, connect your domain with blogger and start your blogging journey. To start blogging with Blogger, go to and start making a site with its subdomain and later connect your custom domain.

6. Template and Customization

After installation of WordPress or making the site online through Blogger, the important thing to setup is customizing the appearance and design of your site. But do not worry, you need almost zero knowledge of coding.

You can find thousands of WordPress theme and Blogger theme for free. You can also buy the theme, but as long as you are just making simple blogging site, you don’t need to buy one.

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