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6Dinesh Wagle & Ujjwal
8Aakar(Anil Ghimire)
list of 10 most sucessful bloggers of nepal (updated)

Nepali sucessful Bloggers with description:

Salokya |

Going by the blog name “Salokya,” the man behind the wordplay has gained popularity among nepali bloggers and journalists around the country. His blog site,, is a user friendly blogging world where you’ll see new and hot national news with Salokya’s viewpoints.

Furthermore, the blogs are written in Nepali language, which makes it easy for Nepalese of any age or generation to read his views easily! Also, his blogs also have fictional short stories.

Lex Limbu |

Coming from a modern generation and covering bits-and-bites of the latest world, has a fantastic fan following from a young age.

Lex’s blogs cover from trending news, events, movies, and showbiz trends! Moreover, his blogs contain youth-centric news, focused on just like him and his followings!

Furthermore, if you want to read exciting news with a lot of humor and fancy wordplay, visit Lex’s blog! You’ll love his personality!

Anand Nepal |

Ever wondered the power of niching down in the segment? Anand Nepal’s is blogging site for creating blogs only specific to the Nepali film industry!

Are you looking for someone reviewing Nepali movies? Anand Nepal’s blog is the place you want to take a lookq!

Not to mention, this blog site also provides a link to movies, so you cannot just read about the film, you can watch them too!

Mr & Mrs |

Mr & Mrs are a Nepali couple sharing their interest in the fields of entertainment, travel, love, trending news, and business!

Their quirky take on blogs and their personality flawlessly flow in their blogs.

You should visit this romantic couple’s site and find out what Gundruk means to them!

View their blog here!

Ashesh |

Ashesh is a Nepali blogger who is a programmer and a designer. His blog site,, is famous for his relevant blogs as well as his very handy Nepali tools such as Nepali Calendar, Converter, Gold rates, etc.

Take a look at his page to find these convenient tools!

Moreover, his blogs contain a list of useful content in everyday life!

We suggest you click on his website once.

Dinesh Wagle & Ujjwal Acharya |

If the question is where you can find a well-researched blog on Nepali politics, the answer is Dinesh Wagle & Ujjwal Acharya have come up with this web blog for a very long time.

If you dive into one of their articles, you’ll find yourself reading one after the other. Give yourself a treat of political news with relevant back supports!

Pradeep Singh |

Pradeep Singh is one of the early Nepali blogger with not just one but multiple blogging sites. His famous blog site, have interesting take from music to startup events, sports to smartphones, and national to international news.

Pradeep lives in London and has a love for blogging. You can find his love and passion in his blog, here. Moreover, he has made his contributions to motivate bloggers in Nepal too!

Aakar(Anil Ghimire) |

If you’re more into Information Technology, will make your day great from the good. Anil Ghimire, aka Aakar, writes about updates and news related to social media, Google, Facebook, and Twitter!

Moreover, you can find in his blogs, unique take on startup ideas and ventures!

M |

Now here’s a pure lifestyle blogger. She goes by the name “M.” M is a Nepali-Australian. She loves traveling, writing, dressing, and cooking. And to no surprise, her blogs at is all about her take on living in Australia, eating a variety of food, and traveling across the world!

A bonus, if you’re visiting her site, she has recipes of the worldly foods. Be sure to check them out! You may find yourself cooking straight out of M’s method!

Subash K.C. |

One of the most popular ways of blogging today is travel blogging. There are tons of travel bloggers and websites. Since Nepal is in its peak of tourism (before coronavirus pandemic), Subash K.C.’s is a masterpiece of its own.

This blogging website has grown on a grand scale with people visiting the site for relevant and trustworthy information regarding travel destinations.

If you’re a traveler yourself, give Subash’s website a go. You’ll love the work he’s put up in his blogs!

Thank you for visiting! I hove you got what you are searching for!

Manoj Bhattarai

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